Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trail Condition Report

As of February 21, 2017 

Remember if is it wet please do not ride or walk on the trails.  If you are leaving a foot print by walking please turn back and choose a different trail to go on.   

Granite Basin - 
Williamson Valley Trail head on 347 on the house side is still soft and death mud.  
Trail 332 from the Gate at top of Cayuse to the cattle guard by the road is still muddy and soft. 
The rest of Granite Basin is pretty good... lots of water in the creek crossings.

Thumb Butte -
All is good on the north side.  Some of firewater is still muddy.
The Emmanuel Pines area is good but LOTS of water in the creeks.
Thumb Butte from Sierra Preitta is good, no snow.
Trail 326 on Thumb Butte is supper muddy at the top.

Excellent condition just like everything else lot of water in the creeks.
Salida Gulch is great as well.

From the Peavine up to the dealerships is in good condition.
Badger or P Mountain is still super soft with some snow in some of the corners. This is north facing and takes quite a while to dry out.

396 - Goldwater
A few soft spots lots of water but is in good condition

Wolverton - 9415
Great until you get to the quartz section and then gets really muddy to the split.  It's best to do an out an back to this point or just take Jack Pine Road up.

Aspen Creek
The north facing section right at the beginning is still very muddy and soft.

Pioneer Park
The southern sections are great... the legacy section is still soft and have some ruts in it.
Longview is still soft please be cautious if you are leaving tracks.

If you have been on a trail and it is not listed or it is listed in correctly please let us know.  

Enjoy the trails but please make sure you are not causing any damage by being on them.  The sun will come out and everything will dry out please be patient. 

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