Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trail Condiditons

As of March 11th ....
Most trails are looking good.

Granite Basin is mostly dry...there are a couple of mushy spots on 345 and there is lots of water in the creeks.

396 - Is dry and good to go
9415 -Wolverton is good until you hit the Quartz then it is super mushy for about 200 feet after that it is good.
305 has some wet spots by the water crossings.
The Dells of course are good to go
Thumb Butte is good on the 318, 316, 317 side.  The switch backs on 392 is good but don't go up or down 326 just yet... it is super mushy at the top and the trail has already been "widened" by people trying to go around the mushy spots.
Aspen Creek 48 - the lower section is still mushy since it doesn't get much day light but when you get to the water bars the rest of the trail is in good shape.

If you have any other updates please feel free to post a comment below.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Trail Conditions

Please be respectful of the trails when they are muddy or snowy.  There have been many reports of "post holes" on trails.  If it is muddy please don't go out.    This goes for all users groups as well.   Tire tracks in the mud take a while to even out, too.  

Please report any trail conditions to this site.  All of the major user groups get a copy of the reports so they can put out to their memberships.  Lets all work together to keep our trails in great condition over the wet winter months.

UPDATE - 3/2/2015 -  ALL TRAILS ARE CLOSED DUE TO WEATHER - it will take until at least the weekend before they will be usable again and some may still be very mushy.  Please turn around if you encounter soft sections.