Friday, March 2, 2012

Spots on 347

posted Oct 19, 2009 
Jason and others went out on 347 after our first sit down meeting.  There were some
spots identified. The ride for Sept 9th was canceled due to things coming up for Jason. 
If Jason or Denny could post what and where the spots are on 347 so the PMBA trail
master can go take a look and give his opinion on what would work.  We should be able
to have a plan in place and able to get this project marked as COMPLETED.  

We're on target...

posted Oct 19, 2009 
Trail 347 which is one of our first deadlines looks like we will be able to complete it
on time.

One other deadline coming up is the joint statement. I really liked the last post to the
editor by Brad and Diana.  I say we use it as the guide line as to what to say to reporters
we have at events.  Any other suggestions?? 

Comments sent by Jason on 9/6/11

posted Oct 19, 2009 
I did a quick review.  One thing I would start thinking about would be turning this into a larger document that
 speaks to the trail community as a whole not just bikes and equestrians. some other ideas I have are:

1.  list all the trails that have had conflicts or could - 347, 396, 326, 307 etc most of you know them.
2. We need to start tracking negative trail encounters/accidents between users to help us understand where 

design is a factor and where user behavior is a factor
3. Vision statement for the "Prescott Trail Safety Coalition" name?????
4. Goals
5.  Action Plan - which is mostly developed

Sign Template we are working with

posted Oct 19, 2009 
This was submitted by Denise and Diana made some changes.. is there any other changes
that need to be added or deleted or something else that needs to be posted on it.. like the
no ipods sign?

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